Preventing RV Theft

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RVs are almost a big financial investment for their owners, and often they are a major emotional investment, too. Considering all the memories that are made in RVs, thinking about having your RV stolen is an awful thought. If you want to keep your RV secure, there are a few things you’ll need to know and a few pieces of equipment you’ll want to have on hand.

This short guide will teach you the basics of keeping your RV secure. We’ll cover everything from parking strategies to finding security equipment to keep your RV locked up tight against all thieves. For all your most important RV needs, try Crabtree RV Center in Alma, Arkansas. We’re located near Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Russellville, Van Buren, and Little Rock, Arkansas, as well as Poteau, Oklahoma.


Parking Strategies

The strategies you use for parking your RV can make a big difference in whether or not it’s targeted by thieves, and if it is, whether or not they’re successful stealing it. Often, what makes a good campsite isn’t necessarily what makes a secure campsite. Many people prefer their privacy and will gladly pick the spot that’s farthest away from the road and other campers. Unfortunately, a secluded campsite will often give a thief more privacy to work on stealing your RV. Try to park in an area where people will see your RV so suspicious activity won’t go unnoticed.

It’s also helpful to invest in a jack dolly. A jack dolly will allow you to turn your RV around and park it in your campsite so that the hitch is away from the road. Thieves won’t be able to connect the hitch to a tow vehicle unless they also have a tow jack.

Lock Your RV Up Tight

Once you’ve parked your RV in the perfect spot, you’ll want to make sure it’s locked up tight against intruders whenever you leave the campsite. As with your own home, it’s important to lock up every entrance, including all doors and windows. Some people might be hesitant to lock up windows because RVs can get hot in the summer without air circulation. But it’s best to lock them up because a thief only needs a small opening to be able to pry the window open, cut out the screen, and enter the RV.

Reduce Temptations

Your possessions can seem even more appealing to a petty thief than stealing your RV, so make sure you limit the temptations. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure there are no valuables in sight for thieves to be tempted by. Part of this comes down to keeping things like electronics, laptop cell phones, and tablets secured and locked up whenever you leave your trailer. It’s helpful to install a safe in your RV if you’re traveling with a large sum of cash or traveler’s cheques, or if you have any jewelry. Simply keeping the curtains closed will also help to keep thieves from being able to see inside. Plus, if you’re already locking your windows, keeping the curtains closed will help to keep your RV from getting too hot.

Further Measures.

On top of all the strategies and half measures that go into keeping an RV safe, nothing beats some strong physical security measures. An RV coupler lock is a good way to keep your hitch from being accessed. If your RV door doesn’t have a strong door lock, consider investing in a deadbolt lock for greater protection.

There are also a whole variety of modern security solutions. Mobile home alarms will help to signal when someone is attempting to break into your RV. You can even find security cameras made specifically for mobile homes. Some systems will allow you to check on the security of your motorhome or RV from your phone wherever you go.

If you want to keep your RV safe, stop by Crabtree RV Center for more information. We’re located in Alma, Arkansas, and we proudly serve the areas of Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Russellville, Little Rock, and Van Buren, Arkansas, as well as Poteau, Oklahoma.

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