Safety Equipment Every Traveller Should Have in Their Camper

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Safety Equipment Every Traveller Should Have in Their Camper

Things happen when traveling on the road and it is best to be prepared. Whether there is a fire that is started or the trailer brakes are touchy making it hard to drive, Crabtree RV Center is here to answer all your questions about traveling prepared with safety equipment. Our RV dealership is located in Alma serving the areas of Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Russellville, Van Buren, Arkansas, and Poteau, Oklahoma. Stop by today or give us a call for more information to protect you and your family in case the unforeseen occurs.

Fire Extinguisher

Talk to any firefighter and they’ll tell you exactly how quickly fire can spread. It takes only moments for flames to engulf an entire room, especially if it’s made of lightweight materials for easy travel. You should have MULTIPLE fire extinguishers in your RV. Keep one near the kitchen, and at least one other in an outside storage compartment. Make sure you store your fire extinguisher in easy reach, not in the back of a cabinet, you’ve got seconds to react if fire breaks out, so easy access is critical. Make sure that you have a Class B fire extinguisher (for ordinary combustibles, as well as flammable liquids) and keep them charged so they’ll work when you need them.

Emergency Radio / USB Charger

Sometimes having a little extra power can mean the difference between triumph and disaster. Make sure your RV is equipped with an emergency radio/charger unit and you’ll have a last ditch resource when you’re stuck on the road at night with a dead phone battery. Most of these hand cranked radios come with a range of other features like emergency lights so you can signal for help.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

While this isn’t a must have, a tire pressure monitoring system can give you major peace of mind when you travel. These systems screw onto each tire, with a readout unit that goes in the cab of your truck, delivering up to the minute updates on each of your RVs tires while you drive. The system will alert you when you have a change in tire pressure out of the ordinary, so you can head of a potential disaster before it occurs.

Trailer Brake Controller

A trailer brake controller makes driving with a trailer in tow much safer. There are two types of trailer brake controller, proportional, and time delayed. Proportional brake controllers match the intensity of your tow vehicle’s braking and cause your trailer to act in kind. Time delayed brake controllers are easier to install, but less responsive to your braking action, so they take more time to get used to, and don’t respond effectively in sudden stopping situations.

Personal Safety

Wherever you’re going when you get out of your camper, you need to equipped with the right safety equipment. Do you take your fifth wheel to the lake in the summer to enjoy boating and fishing? Make sure your RV has lifejackets on board when you leave home. Heading out for some dirt bike or side by side exploration? Make sure you bring along your helmet (and a spare for guests!) No matter what you do, bring along a well stocked first aid kit, and make sure you brush up on first aid basics regularly and you can make every trip just a little bit safer!

Whether you’re worried about your personal safety or concerned about whether your tire pressure isn’t holding going down the road, Crabtree RV Center is here to put all your worries and concerns to rest. Located in in Alma serving the areas Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Russellville, Van Buren, Arkansas, and Poteau, Oklahoma, our RV dealership and staff are ready to assist you with all your questions about safety equipment that you should have in your trailer when taking your family on a vacation.

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